Time to play

My son received a really nice watch for Christmas and I decided I needed to try and do an image of it.  If your curious.... I was able to stand the watch up by rolling a narrow bicycle inner tube up and put the wrist band around it.



Little Skin Smoothing Work

I was reading a small article about using a dodge and burn technique to smooth skin.  Takes some time, but I do love the results.  Clean natural looking skin. I started out in color but loved the B&W version of it better.

Working On My B&W Techniques

I have become a fan of the udemy education web lately for picking topics of interest.  One of the courses I just completed is a B&W tutorial put on by David J. Nightingale so I thought I would give it a go on a couple images.  Definitely a good start; I'm thinking I'll have to do more of this kind of work. 


The Transformation

I had recently met a makeup artist named Melissa in need of building out her on-line portfolio; she worked with me on the "Bad Girl Danielle" post I did in May.  Knowing that she needed to add to her portfolio I decided to reach out to a local modeling agency to see if they had any new models that needed head shots.  CNYMode came back with a new recruit that was in serious need of some more images.  Perfect... we all met at the fabulous CNYMode studios and worked on several looks. 

The Starting Look

Melissa Doing Her Magic

The Final Look

An Entertainer In His Element

I reached out to a theater manager in the area who's handle bar mustache just needed to be photographed!  Steve manages a local venue called the Kallet Theater .  It's an old movie theater that has been restored and now has a regular stream of performers doing acts there.  Steve was gracious enough to spare me a couple hours of his time and here are some of the images we made. 

Stars In Motion

Trying out a new control for my camera.  Unfortunately it stopped functioning too quickly so it's not as long as I would like. 

Little GIF Fun

I setup the camera last night to try and do a little star motion GIF but the weather decided to make it a clouds moving in GIF instead.  

Bad Girl Danielle

I had the good fortune of working with an experienced model named Danielle Duck.  I have been wanting to work on my B&W more and she wanted something different for her portfolio.  Since most of her images consisted of what she termed "Pretty Girl" images, we decided to go for a more moody bad girl sort of look. It was a pleasure to work collaboratively with talent that knows how to project a look. All I had to do was stand back and press the shutter button.

Model:  Danielle Duck
Makeup: Melissa Meile

Texture Salon Shoot

I recently had the opportunity to do updated images for a hair salon in Skaneatels called Texture Salon.  I did a set of images for her a year or two ago but her look and her fellow stylists have changed so we did a new set of portraits and a couple product shots.

The Owner - Kim

The Owner - Kim

Stylist - Jocelyn

Stylist - Jocelyn

Stylist - Nicole

Stylist - Nicole

Group Shot

Group Shot

Fun Shot

Fun Shot

Chasing Stars

We have had a couple moonless clear nights recently that temps were in the 50s so I was able to get out and do a little star shooting.  The light pollution from local businesses is a little frustrating in our neighborhood so I drove over to a near by golf course to give it a try.  Though still not as awesome as the dark skies of the midwest, it did give me a chance to shoot the International space station flying over.

  A couple other shots just of the stars.  I like the way the trees frame the shots.


A couple other shots just of the stars.  I like the way the trees frame the shots.

Little Time Laps Play

Recently I spent the night sitting with my son on the 11th floor of a local hospital.  I wasn't really sleeping anyway so I thought I would play with the time laps function of my phone camera a bit.  These were shot through a dirty window and it was raining a bit so the image quality isn't very good, but it was fun.

The Megan Shoot

I had not shot a portrait of my friend Megan in a couple years so we felt it was long over due.  From this shoot I captured a couple nice images of Megan.  My most favorite is the one that Megan calls    Mona-Megan. 




Trying out a couple things

Hello everyone to my new blog site.  I just switched from Zenfolio to using Squarespace for my website.  I also have finally joined the smart phone world after holding out for quite some time.  I do have to admit that I'm enjoying the exploration of its camera abilities.  So, new website, new phone... it's time for a new blog too.

I have a friend that has a band in need of a new band photo.  I wanted to try out an idea I have for shooting them and thought it might be fun to record the process on my new phone.  I haven't really played with doing movie work much so what the heck.  Let's give it a go!